Articles, Chapters, Books

Journal Publications

  • Davies, A. and D. Bowen, 2012. Tax gimmicks. Mercatus Research.

Books and Chapters

        • Davies, A., forthcoming. Where does the government get the money it spends? In The Federal Budget and Government Spending, Lisa Idzikowski, ed., Greenhaven Publishing.
        • Davies, A., forthcoming. Economics and Society. In Catholic Perspectives on Economics, eds. J. Larrivee and A. Canadas. Rowman and Littlefield.
        • LeBar, M., A. Davies, and D. Schmidtz (eds.), 2015. Equality and Public Policy. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
        • Davies, A., 2012. Complementary approaches. In Theory and Practice in the Austrian School, ed. J. Kuznicki. Cato Institute.

Policy Briefs, White Papers, and Working Papers

  • Davies, A., 2014. Establishing a Minimum Wage for Contractors, Docket ID: WHD-2014-0001. Public Interest Comment.Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division.
  • Davies, A., 2014. Why Family Businesses Matter, Competitive Enterprise Institute.
  • Davies, A., 2012. Good and Bad Destruction: Buggy Whips and Broken Windows, We The People, State Policy Network.
  • Davies, A., B. Yandle, D. Thieme, and R. Sarvis, 2012. The U.S. Experience with Fiscal Stimulus: A Historical and Statistical Analysis of U.S. Fiscal Stimulus Activity, 1953-2011. Mercatus Center Working Paper, no. 12-12 (April).
  • Davies, A. and J. Pulito, 2011. Tax Rates and Migration. Mercatus Center Working Paper, no. 11-31 (August).
  • Davies, A., 2011. A Review of Studies on Liquor Control and Consumption. Commonwealth Foundation Policy Brief.
  • Davies, A., 2010. The Cost of Compromise: Impact of the 2011-2012 Estate Tax. American Family Business Foundation Policy Brief.
  • Davies, A. and J. Pulito, 2010. Binge Thinking: A Look at the Social Impact of State Liquor Controls. Mercatus Center Working Paper, no. 10-70 (November).
  • Valchev, R. and A. Davies, 2009. Transparency, performance, and agency budgets: a rational expectations modeling approach. Research Program on Forecasting Working Paper, 2009-04 (December).
  • Davies, A. and P. Yakovlev, 2009. Myths and realities surrounding the estate tax. American Family Business Foundation Policy Brief.
  • Pulito, J. and A. Davies, 2009. Government run liquor stores: the social impact of privatization. Commonwealth Foundation Policy Brief, 21(03): 1-16.
  • Yakovlev, P. and A. Davies, 2009. Pennsylvania’s flawed film tax credit: what the ERA study won’t tell you. Commonwealth Foundation Policy Brief, 21(2): 1-8.
  • Cline, T.W., D.P. Mertens, N.S. Vowels, and A. Davies, 2009. Ingratiation for Sustainable Competitive Advantage.
  • Mertens, D.P., T.W. Cline, N.S. Vowels, and A. Davies, 2009. All Ingratiation is not Equal: A Two Dimensional Model of Consumer Ingratiation.
  • Davies, A., 2008. Exhaustive regression: an exploration of regression-based data mining techniques using super computation. Research Program on Forecasting Working Paper, 2008-08 (August).
  • Valchev, R. and A. Davies, 2008. Do federal matching funds inhibit state growth? Mercatus Center Working Paper, 08-30 (August).
  • Davies, A. and V. de Rugy, 2008. Midnight regulations: an update. Mercatus Center Working Paper, 08-06 (March).
  • Manchester, P., M. Marlin, and A. Davies, 2007. Implications of foreign investment patterns for federal, state, and local bond financing. Mercatus Center Working Paper, October.
  • Davies, A., 2001. An exhaustive regression analysis of clinical data. Parabon Computation White Paper.
  • Davies, A., 2001. Analysis of rates of return in the banking sector using exhaustive regression. Parabon Computation White Paper.
  • Davies, A., 2001. The economics and technology of internet computing. Yale University Research Discussion Paper.
  • Published Proceedings

  • Grewal, R., T. Cline, and A. Davies, 2000. Complex product market characteristics and their impact on the consumer choice process: Toward a general framework for modeling consumer choice. Proceedings of the Winter Educator’s Conference. American Marketing Association.
  • Cline, T. and A. Davies, 1999. The influence of word-of-mouth communications on consumers’ attitudes toward later entrant brands. Proceedings of the Conference on Consumer Psychology. American Psychological Association.
  • Davies, A. and K. Lahiri, 1993. A new framework for analyzing shocks to inventories and other macroeconomic variables using ASA-NBER data.Proceedings of the International Society for Inventory Research. American Economic Association.
  • Teaching Economics

  • Davies, A., 1996. Microeconomics. West Virginia Wesleyan College.
  • Davies, A., 1995. EcoSim: An innovative tool for teaching economics. Computers in Higher Education Economics Review, 9(3): 21-23.
  • Davies, A., 1994. EcoSim Computer Simulation.  West Virginia Wesleyan College.