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The ROI on the MBA. BizEd. Jan/Feb, 42-45. (podcast)

The link below is for a calculator that estimates the value of an MBA degree. The estimates are based on demographic, educational, and salary data from 38,000 recent MBA graduates. 

On the first sheet, enter your  information and information about your MBA program. The estimated value of your degree will be displayed at the top of the sheet. The second through fourth sheets provide graphs of the estimated net present value, internal rate of return, and breakeven based on the data you provided.

 The spreadsheet is in XLSX format, so until Microsoft updates Internet Explorer, you’ll have to right click on the link, select SAVE AS, and save the spreadsheet to your computer (the file extension will default to .zip; change it to .xlsx). You can then open the spreadsheet. Alternatively, you can use Firefox or Chrome.

(value of MBA calculator)

Building a holy economy. World & I. Jan/Feb, 72-77.