Select Duquesne students have a greater chance at obtaining the internships listed below because of the performances of previous Duquesne students, of faculty relationships with the organizations, and of the rigorous level of economic training at Duquesne. All students are free to apply for these internships. I will provide recommendations to A-level students.

Resume Format

When applying for internships, jobs, and seminars, please use this format for your resume.

Economics Internships (by invitation only)

The Mercatus Center

Moody’s Economy.com

Fellowships and Scholarships

The Institute for Humane Studies (up to $12,000; Juniors and Seniors only)

Templeton Fellowship

Database of economics scholarships and careers

One-Week 3-Credit Seminars

Institute for Humane Studies (video describing the IHS seminar)

It may be possible for you to count this seminar as a 3-credit elective.

Essay Contests

Students taking a class from me during the semester in which a contest deadline occurs earn a one letter increase in their course grades if they place first, second, or third in any of these competitions.

Undergraduate Statistics Project Competition (deadline 1/26/09)
Competition for studies involving the analysis of real data (these are the top three winning projects from last year).

Association of Private Enterprise Education
$2,500 top prize, $8,500 in total prizes, 1,000-2,000 words

$2,000 top prize, $5,000 in total prizes, 600-2,500 words

$2,000 top prize, $5,000 in total prizes, 600-2,500 words

$2,000 top prize, $5,000 in total prizes, 600-2,500 words

Templeton Fellowship
$2,500 top prize, $21,000 in total prizes, 1,500-5,000 words

Job Resources

Job Openings for Economists
Job Market Outlook for Economists
Economist Jobs
Famous People Who Majored in Economics