Mandatory Course Requirement: Wall Street Journal (student edition) Specify 15 weeks to start 9/1/2014.

Online Resources

Intermediate Microeconomics
Mathematics & Statistics Videos

Recommended Material

How to Study (I highly recommend that you watch these videos early in the semester)

The Armchair EconomistThe Armchair Economist, ISBN: 0029177766

Mathematics for Economists, ISBN 0070177600

Mathematical Methods for Business and Economics, ISBN 0071635327 Go through the exercises in these books on your own. I make no allowances in this course for weak mathematics skills.

MathType (Microsoft Office add-in) This program integrates into Microsoft Office programs and creates mathematical equations. It is far better than equation editor (which comes with Word).

Grammar Nazis

Keys for Writers: A Brief Handbook, ISBN 0618192077

The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing, ISBN 0872205738 Purchase these books and work through the exercises on your own. I make no allowances in this course for weak writing skills.

Economy (iPhone app) This app provides time series macroeconomic data for the US and individual states. The data and functionality is similar in scope to that on

World Facts (iPhone app) This app provides cross-sectional economic, political, and social data for countries. The data and functionality is similar in scope to that on the CIA World Factbook.

Fall 2014 Office Hours

Office Hours (812 Rockwell)

MWF: 9:00-10:00, 1:00-2:00

Fall 2014 Course Schedule

Intermediate Microeconomics
(ECON 301W-01)

MWF: 10:00-10:50, Rockwell 301

Duquesne Writing Center

Appointment required. I strongly advise that you take each draft of your semester paper to the writing center before handing it in. Be sure to tell them that you are writing a scientific paper.

Communicating via Email

In this course, you will regularly communicate with me via email regarding your semester paper. I typically receive from 200 to 300 emails each week. To avoid delays, attach all relevant documents to your email (e.g., maple files, word files). When responding to a question from me, hit REPLY and *do not* delete the sequence of communications that leads up to my question. While you are communicating only with me and can remember the background to our conversation, I am communicating with at least twenty other students and do not remember the background.