Data Sets

Data Definitions
World Economic Data

Repository of international and national data.

World Bank
Comparative economic statistics across countries.

Google Data Explorer
Time series data on socio-economic measures for various countries.

Black Market Data
World data on black markets.

United Nations Human Development Report
Measures of human development including income, education, health, etc.

World Trade Organization
Statistics on international trade

Countries of the World
Country rankings and facts.

CIA World Factbook (current year’s data)

CIA World Factbook (historical data)
Macroeconomic and population data by country

CIA Handbook of International Statistics
Detailed economic statistics on foreign countries

UN Statistics Division
Economic, demographic, and social statistics

World Internet Traffic
Real time data on Internet traffic, latency, and attacks.

Economic Freedom Network
Database of economic freedom measures across countries and over time.

Fraser Institute
Economic freedom data at the country level

The Observatory
Graphic depictions of trade data

Graphs and data for macroeconomic variables across countries

Index of Economic Freedom
Rankings of countries on the basis of several measures of economic freedom.

Corruption Perceptions Index
Measures of corruption for countries over time

World economic data (requires Duquesne ID)

Penn World Tables
Time series macroeconomic data by country

US International Trade Commission
Time series data on trade by country and product

Asian Economic Data

European Economic Data

Developing Countries Economic Data

US Economic Data

Repository of international and national data.

Google Data Explorer
Time series data on socio-economic measures.

Budget Explorer
Data on Federal revenue and spending.
Data on the Federal debt.
Clearinghouse for U.S. government data.

Stimulus Watch
Data on projects funded by the stimulus package.

Demographic Data by Zip Code
Political contributions, income, home sales, age/sex/race, climate

Collection of Various Economic and Demographic Data Sets

Consumer Expenditure Survey
Data on consumer spending from the census bureau
Macroeconomic data and forecasts (compilation of NIPA and Census data)

Fraser Institute
Economic freedom data at the state level

Detailed historical macroeconomic data.

Census Bureau Table Creator
Create customized data tables from Census Bureau data.

Statistical Abstract of the United States
Population vital statistics, education, government finances, social insurance, employment, earnings, income, prices, wealth, and spending. Much of this data comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Office of Management and Budget
Federal government budget data.

Bureau of Economic Analysis
National income and product accounts, GDP and related data, gross state product and related data, balance of payments and related data.

National Income and Product Accounts (NIPA)


US Bureau of the Census
Economic and demographic data.

Income distribution data

US Government Spending
Federal, state, and local spending for the US and individual states over time.

Regulatory Data
Data on federal regulations over time.

Consolidated Federal Funds Report (Census Bureau)
Detailed Federal spending broken down by state.

Census microdata going back to 1850.

Federal Reserve Bank of Saint Louis
Historic macroeconomic data.

US Foreign Trade Statistics

TradeStats Express
Trade data by for the country and by state.

Statistical information from over 100 government agencies

IRS Statistics
Statistics on federal, social security, and Medicare taxes

National Center for Charitable Statistics
Data on charitable giving in the United States

State and Local Economic Data

The Book of the States
Comparative and historical data on the states.

Historical state tax rates.

Bureau of Economic Analysis
State and local economic data.

TradeStats Express
Export data by state.

U.S. Census Bureau
Import data by state.
Economic and demographic by state and zip-code.
Economic and demographic by state and zip-code.

National Conference of State Legislatures
State and local tax and government information.

Tax Foundation
National, state, and local tax data.

Sunshine Review
State and local government data.

Data on Pennsylvania’s state budget.

Corporate and Industry Data

Stock Screener
Displays stocks matching various financial criteria.

InfoTech Trends
Market research for the information technology industry

Department of Energy
Price and consumption data for energy

Securities and Exchange Commission
Archives of corporate SEC filings.

Stock Market Data
Visualization tools for stock data.

Historical web traffic information by site.

Market Statistics
A directory of business and market statistics.

Corporate Financial Data
Financial statements, ratios, business descriptions, and earnings estimates.

Financial statements for non-profit organizations.

Historical Stock Prices

Historical Stock Indices

Labor and Earnings Data

Bureau of Labor Statistics
Historical statistics on employment and earnings.

Salary Statistics
Mean and median salaries by occupation and location

Occupational Outlook Handbook
Average earnings by experience and occupation, and forecasts for future earnings. 

Health and Education Data

Henry J. Kaiser Foundation
U.S. health, insurance, spending measures for the world, country, and by state.

National Center for Health Statistics
Natality, mortality, diseases, and aging.

Education and literacy statistics

World Health Organization
Health measures compiled by the United Nations

Social and Political Data
Climate Data